Tired or Exhausted?

Seema got hold of the Boskone program and asked Zendom about tired fanfic writers jumping the shark. I made a distinction between tired writing, with (perhaps) intentionally repetitious themes, and exhausted muses who won’t produce any new ideas no matter how you prod them. Maybe it’s just an issue of whether the author rests when the muse is silent or tries to write anyway.

I only mention it because I needed a title to go with this untitled meme from YCD via Sara G:


  1. Jane Austen
  2. X-Files
  3. Voyager
  4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  5. Stargate

Pairings I used to love and now thoroughly detest because they’ve been so [expletive deleted] up by both canon and fanon that they are no longer recognizable:

  1. JA: Darcy/Elizabeth
  2. XF: Mulder/Scully
  3. VOY: Janeway/Chakotay
  4. BtVS: Xander/Anya
  5. SG-1: (not Jossed yet)

Pairings I look at with old affection:

  1. JA: Bingley/Jane
  2. XF: (there are no other pairings)
  3. VOY: Chakotay/7
  4. BtVS: Willow/Oz
  5. SG-1: (I haven’t actually seen the show yet)

Current pairings I squee over:

  1. JA: Charlotte/Colonel Fitzwilliam
  2. XF: (I Said, There Are No Other Pairings)
  3. VOY: Janeway/Paris
  4. BtVS: Buffy/Spike (kick me, I’m a fan)
  5. SG-1: Sam/Jack

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