Iron Found on Mars!

Link to high orbit: The Space Elevator by the folks at HighLift Systems

Today was a good day for surfing the Big Blogs, with the help of my trusty assistant NetNewsWire. The Weird Facts were legion. For example, scientists have decided that Mars has a molten iron core just like Earth and Venus. An extrovert chimes in on the extrovert/introvert divide.

When the science links run out, I turn to mac news. People rarely say they like PC’s better than Macs, but they frequently claim PC’s are cheaper than Macs. Here’s why that isn’t so. My favorite quote: The average Wintel home user spends over 50 hours each year troubleshooting their computer. The average Mac user spends less than 5.

Fifty hours is enough time to do NaNoEdMo, for example. In fact, I find that the average Windows user spends more time complaining to me about their computer troubles per year than I spend troubleshooting my Mac, even though they know they’ll be mocked for it.

Last but not least, TOS and ENT voting are going on now in the ASC Awards, and AAA is also open for J/C business.

3 Responses to “Iron Found on Mars!”

  1. liz Says:

    I like PCs better than Macs. :P Mostly because I know how to use them, and Mac mice and keyboards drive me batty.

  2. Seema Says:

    Me too. Prefer PCs, unreliable as they might be. I worked on Macs when I was a supervisor at the newspaper and all of our layouts were done on Macs as well as learning all of my HTML/Photoshop skills on Macs too. I hate that docking thing the Macs have - I prefer the Windows menu. And when I get XP, apparently things will get much, much better for me. So, I know you’re out to convert us, but at least for me, I’m a loyal PC user, if for nothing else, to keep my father in his job (hey, someone has to support me if I can’t find a job!)

  3. Jemima Says:

    I should have put it the way that website did - rarely do people say they love their PC’s, while they frequently express love for their Macs. Moreover, people who do admit to loving PC’s tend to be Windows programmers or other people in IT, while Mac lovers often work in non-geek fields and appreciate the Mac simply as a functional and elegant tool.