With all the Trek contests going on lately, technical issues are always coming up. How do you write an automated vote counter script? How do you track hits? How can you tell whether someone is a legitimate voter or a sock puppet? Or perhaps a sock platypus?

I say call a sock a sock - if it’s fuzzy like a sock and has those googly sewn-on eyeballs, odds are, it’s a sock. Stuff it back in the sock drawer with the other smelly underwear.

Not all socks are evil, thought - some are purely for entertainment value. Take, for example, the recent rash of Star Trek characters on LiveJournal: Kathryn Janeway,
Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, Deanna Troi, Kira Nerys, Captain Picard, the female changeling, and, of course, Q.

One Response to “Sockpuppets”

  1. Caff Says:

    Oh, yeah. The LiveJournals are quite amusing (their existence, not necessarily the contents), but the Deanna Troi one makes you wish you were blind.

    I certainly am now.