Sock drawer of the day: the Enterprise NX-01 Mess Hall

I’m finally done commenting on TNG stories in the ASC Awards. VOY voting is already open and I have a schedule to read everything by next weekend, though I probably won’t have time to do Paris/Torres and the VS7.5 stories. I was worried about AAA, but the deadline isn’t until April 25th so I’ve put it off yet again.

So far I’ve gotten one comment back from the VOY voting - I’m on digest on the Awards mailing list, so I haven’t seen most of this weekend’s voting frenzy yet. That one comment was great to find in my inbox, though. I’d say more people should run feedback awards, but they’re a writer’s kind of award system. Most people have trouble writing feedback - the prospect of reading 250 Voyager stories in two weeks and then saying something intelligent about all the ones you liked is just too much for the average reader. The average reader doesn’t send feedback the first time, so it’s unlikely they’d do it months after the fact.

One Response to “Commenting”

  1. Jerie Says:

    but they’re a writer’s kind of award system

    This is so true. I spent hours composing the few pathetic feedbacks I sent. It is excruciating to try to write about what you think about a fic when you aren’t a writer and you know all kinds of writers will be reading what you say. To me it is pure torture.