Despite my misgivings about Scientology, I’m really going to enter the Writers of the Future contest this time. The quarterly deadline is tomorrow, so I’m busily dusting off a novelette for the purpose. Short stories over 7,500 words are difficult to sell in the magazine market, but the WotF entry limit is 17,000 and still I’m well below that.

This story has been sitting around the hard drive too long and has gone through too many minor revisions, partly because of the size issue and partly because of the curse of perfectionism that dooms so many fine stories to the bit-bin of history. I have a new plan to replace my neglected New Year’s resolutions: I’ll submit one story a month for publication. That gives me a week to do research, a week for a rough draft, a week for a final draft, and a week to goof off. I think it’s a plan.

And yes, for anyone who’s keeping score, I’ve completely neglected NaNoEdMo and won’t be finishing in time for midnight tomorrow. Maybe next month…

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