Still Typing Away

Word count: 1025

You may be detecting a pattern to my word counts. It’s not that I’m not enjoying writing, but it’s hard to write more than a thousand words in what little time I have before and after my Donneresque commute. When I notice I’ve hit the mark, I bail for the night. Now that it’s the long weekend I could write more, but I think the extra free time is better spent editing or muse-thwacking. (Muse-thwacking is my new term for annoying the muse with a problem until she finds the solution.)

Besides, how would you word-count editing? You could count the additional words, but what if you ended up cutting instead? A writer’s fragile ego can’t handle negative word counts. You could check the previous version out of rcs and do a wc on the diff, but that would require extreme geekiness. More importantly, it’s too many keystrokes for someone who’s checking her progress towards that magic 1000 every ten minutes.

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