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Festivus is a festival for the rest of us. If you’re a trashy genre writer like me and my hundred thousand fanficcing friends, you may enjoy the Wired article linked above. Here are some excerpts:

According to the Internet Movie Database, 20 of the top 25 highest-grossing films of all time come from the sci-fi, fantasy or horror genres.

“Science-fiction, fantasy and horror films are not a niche,” Meyer said. “They are as mainstream as it gets. The biggest authors in the world are genre authors. Taken together, these genres represent the biggest form of entertainment in the world, which people still don’t understand.”

In other words, Trashy genre writers rule! Who wants to make the buttons?

One Response to “Festivus”

  1. Sara Says:

    The Toronto Film Fest apparently had something similar, where they showed all kinds of weird and wonderful sci-fi and horror films. Except it wasn’t its own festival and it was relegated to late evening showings only. This one sounds very cool.