Big Mac

Wired has a nice article about Virginia Tech’s G5 supercomputer, which was also slashdotted earlier this week. The original images were mirrored after the slashdotting, but seem to be back up now.

Those 1,100 dual 2GHz G5 towers sure look cute together. I’m guessing that’s 1064 PowerMacs for computing and 36 spares for playing iTunes. (That’s the only explanation for ordering the macs from the iTunes store.)

I should have bought my PowerBook there - my estimated ship date has been postponed from today to 10/3/2003. Virginia Tech gets 1,100 G5’s, and I get Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf:

To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Thank you for your recent purchase of a 12-inch PowerBook G4 from the Apple Store. Following is an update regarding your order.

We anticipate shipping your order by October 3, 2003. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

If you prefer, you may change or cancel your order and receive a prompt refund. [Details follow.]

Apple Computer Consumer

I’m not sure what the refund is for, since they haven’t charged my credit card yet. And I thought I was the Apple Computer consumer. Alas, not yet.

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  1. Jerie Says:

    Bummer, bummer, bummer.