The Curse

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People are staggering home. You can tell the game is over by the sudden ambulance activity at an hour when Bostonians are usually in bed. Will we never learn? It’s been 85 years since the Sox won a World Series - I bet there’s no one alive today who’s seen them win.

We started watching in the bottom of the seventh, after CSI was over, so we got to see the Sox do what they do so well: snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Dr. Deb wanted to turn it off at 5-4, but I’m a real Boston fan - I watch to see them lose, because it’s not whether you win or lose - it’s how spectacularly you lose. Turning a three-point lead into bupkes, then dragging the game out to the bottom of the 11th, is a new low for the Sox. I enjoyed every minute of it.

One Response to “The Curse”

  1. Rocky Says:

    I am disappointed, as I was really hoping for a Cubs-Sox matchup, i.e. Underdogs R Us. (I know all too well what it’s like to be a long suffering fan). Alas, neither one made it.