NaNo, NaNo

Yesterday’s word count: 1000
Today’s word count: 340

The server has been down. I’m having doubts about which novel to NaNo, and I’ve also been catching up on rasfc, which led to this old NaNo critique. (My opinion: the author was clearly cat-vacuuming when she wrote it.) Here’s my missing post from yesterday:

Seema signed up for NaNoWriMo, and immediately began vacuuming the cat at the NaNoWriMo forums. Here’s a handy Guide to Literary Fiction she found there.

I think there’s a much simpler definition of literary fiction: Literary fiction is anything that doesn’t fit into a genre of genre fiction. For the purposes of this definition, Danielle Steele should be considered as a genre.

Note that I’m taking “literary” to be synonymous with “mainstream” rather than with “good.” Everyone who writes wants to write well, and there’s nothing about the setting of, say, a sci-fi novel that keeps it from being well-written - but no one counts The Left Hand of Darkness as literary fiction.

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