Big Mac in Big Three

Word count: 1800

It’s official: the Big Mac is the world’s third-fastest supercomputer. Just wait until they install Panther!

Some cool Mac facts: You can use the tab key to switch between windows when Exposé is on. You can also use command-` to tab between windows of the current application without Exposé. If you want to read PDF’s within Safari (or, presumably, other Mac browsers - though who uses those anymore?) try the PDF Browser Plugin. You can block ads in Safari with PithHelmet.

2 Responses to “Big Mac in Big Three”

  1. Enrico Pullatzo Says:

    I am running Panther and neither the tabs in Expose, nor the command-’ concept work for me.

  2. Jemima Says:

    Sorry, I should have explained it more clearly. That’s command-`, the backwards accent mark that’s under the escape key with the ~. For tabbing in Expose, you don’t need the command key (though oddly enough, command-` does the same thing). Tab should rotate through the windows while holding down F9 or F10, or after you hit F9 or F10 but before you actually click on a window.

    Either way, tab only tabs through open programs, not all open windows, though it will do a baby-F10 on a program within F9 if you have more than one open window within the program. Another problem with F9 is that it only tabs through open unhidden programs, so if you’ve hidden most things you won’t have much to tab through. I solved that problem by mapping F8 to Show All (instructions are in an earlier entry), so I can hit F8 before F9 if I’m after some of the hidden stuff.

    It would help if I knew the proper names for the F9 and F10 views, but I just think of them as F9 and F10.