Unpopular Meme

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Seema doesn’t like this meme but I thought it was cool, and since my last entry was an unpopular opinion I may as well continue the pattern. I’m not sure what the rules are since I haven’t read many meme responses and I don’t know where it started. As far as I know, I’m supposed to list ten of my unpopular opinions about fandom.

  1. I have a muse. In fact, I have several, both named and unnamed. B’Elanna the Canon-Correcting Muse wrote my best fic for me and I am eternally grateful to her. If you find her in a seedy bar somewhere, send her home.
  2. Free biology lessons are not fiction, they are free biology lessons.
  3. If it’s not canon, it’s just not all that interesting - unless it’s an AU. I’d rather read about an AU where everyone was paired up in weird ways than read non-AU fic with the same premise.
  4. Slash is therefore uninteresting, as is post-Endgame J/C.
  5. There is no such thing as subtext. Your interpretation of the text (the text being the actual sound and picture of a television show, or the actual words printed on the pages of a book) is just your interpretation. The author’s intent is as inaccessible to you as the what the author had for lunch that day.
  6. The world does not need another mailing list, archive, or bulletin board.
  7. Harry Potter is overrated.
  8. Speaking of which, litfic is more morally and legally questionable than mediafic - at least until the copyright expires.
  9. My fic is a free gift to the readers. I do not expect feedback or anything else in return for it. I do not write for the feedback. Posting my fic does not mean that I wrote it for the feedback; it just means that I’m nice and I’m giving the gift of fic.
  10. It’s my blog. I don’t use bad language or make personal attacks here, so if you’re offended, that’s your problem. When you’ve grown up and realized that the world isn’t going to end just because not everyone in it shares your opinions, feel free to come back.

[P.S.] Liz claims that this meme is just the old manifesto meme come back again. Many of my answers were more or less the same this time, although I wasn’t able to fit RPS and It’s the 24th century, people! into this version.

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