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NaNo link of the day: The Internal Cliffhanger

Thanks to RJ, I now have a ghostly, RSS presence on LJ. You can add my blog to your friends list using the instructions on my syndicated account page. I guess it means just adding jemima_blog as a friend. RJ is using RSSify to turn her Blogger blog into a syndicated account as well, but if you just want the plain RSS, here’s RJ’s feed.

RSSify is a good solution to the lack of Blogger RSS feeds; I stumbled across it back when I found myRSS. Unfortunately, you need access to the blog template to use RSSify, so I couldn’t use it to get feeds. But if you’re a Blogger blogger and you want to provide a feed, it looks pretty simple. It only took RJ a couple of minutes to set up, and the result is a full entry feed with just some minor link problems that most users won’t notice.

I must, I must, I must catch up in NaNo.

One Response to “jemima_blog”

  1. Seema Says:

    Go go go!

    And I might hit you up for help on the blog too.