The Big Snowball

I’m alive and well and in NYC. My trip here wasn’t unusually horrific - the most impressive third world transit incident was the way they make you pay extra for your Metro North ticket aboard the train because they don’t have enough ticket agents to sell you one before it leaves the station. And then there’s the endearing sight of snowplows prowling Central Park with their plows up when there’s still snow on the paths. Such is life in the third world.

Sorry I haven’t had time to blog. Your regularly scheduled blog will return no later than Monday. The management apologizes for the inconvenience, and has a couple of funny links for you to bide your time:
Holiday Snowglobe

One Response to “The Big Snowball”

  1. Diablo Says:

    What is all this third world bs? I come from a third world country and let me say that you have no idea what you’re talking about Boston or NYC being such type of places in the northeast of the US. They may not be perfect, but you need a reality check.