She Never Returned

Contest of the day: the Eclipse Design Awards

Today was the last chance to buy cheap T tokens. As of tomorrow the fare goes up 25%. This is the MBTA’s inspired solution to reduced ridership - charge even more! Yet another stunning idea from the city that brought you the Big Dig…

My solution to the fare hike is never to take the T again, if its physically possible to walk. That may sound drastic, but in fact there are relatively few places on the Green Line that you can’t get to faster by walking than by taking the T. (You can’t get a taxi for love or money in this city.)

The Green Line is, in fact, the train on which Charlie found himself trapped in that famous Boston filk to which the title of this entry alludes. He was on his way to JP but he couldn’t pay the exit fare (exit fares still exist on the Braintree line), so he had to ride back and forth between Government Station (formerly Scollay Square) and Arborway (no longer served by trolley) forever.

Believe me, you’d be better off joining Jemima’s Personal MBTA Strike.

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