Warning: Spoilers for 2010

I watched 2010 today and was shocked by Sam’s hussy marriage. Since the episode appears in so many spoiler warnings for Sam/Jack fic, I naturally assumed it was shippy. Once I accepted it for the evil anti-ship episode it was, however, I got into it and thought it was an excellent ep. Nice sets, nice lighting, nice Bitter Jack (with a side order of I Told You So), nice to see the ladies dressed up in nice clothes (even if the species has no place to go) - and of course the total annihilation of the human race, with bonus death scenes for all Our Heroes. (Of course Janet and Hammond had to die off-screen. They deserve a pair of nice death fics. Jerie?)

And that’s my hussy! Way to marry a genocidal maniac - maybe someone at Showtime wanted to one-up “Counterpoint.” He’s sweet and loving and he must have realized why you couldn’t get pregnant. I’d love to go on more about the episode, but I feel a drabble coming on.

3 Responses to “2010”

  1. jerie Says:

    Death fics? Me? Yeah, right! Besides, Janet went to Chulak to vanish into yesterday. And Hammond was resurrected.

    Tonight was Boyfriend Night in the UK - Sam, at her hussy best, is downloading. :D

  2. Jemima Says:

    I’m assuming Janet went to Chulak to help seize the stargate terminal there so Teal’c and his friend could take weapons through, but maybe Chulak wasn’t under Aschen control and she just passed along the coordinates.

    Go, Hussy, go!

  3. Jemima Says:

    Oh, and Hammond was murdered, but we don’t know how. Think of the fic possibilities.