One Brass Horus

Fossil of the day: a 428 million year old millipede in Scotland

I’ve finally written a Stargate filk. You can find One Brass Horus in the SG-1 section. Here’s a preview to see if you know the original, “One Tin Soldier”:

Listen, Tauri, to a story

That transpired in an AU,

‘Bout a secret in a mountain

And a Russian folk with nukes.

In the mountain was a stargate

Buried deep within the stone,

And the Russian people swore

They’d have one for their very own.

Go ahead and nuke your neighbors,

Use and then betray your friends,

Do it with the help of Daniel,

You can justify your means with ends.

There won’t be any wormholes glowing

Come deployment day,

On the bloody morning after….

One brass Horus strides away.

I’ve also put up The Perfect Setup, the sequel to The Universe Survival Guide. I don’t think it compares to the original, but there were demands for a sequel and Bitter!Jack The Muse is easily influenced in his current state.

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