Barnacle Clings Again!

Trailer of the day: M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village

According to Boston Online, the local crustacean has reattached himself to the local press. The Herald’s press release doesn’t say a word about how Barnacle came to be unemployed (and we’d fondly hoped, unemployable) in the Boston papers.

The moral of the story: Plagiarism is now fair game at the Herald. Make it up and phone it in, boys! If the readers don’t like how we do things in this state, they can always secede.

[P.S.] Did I mention it’s snowing? Where are the sunny, 60° days of yesterweek?

One Response to “Barnacle Clings Again!”

  1. Boston Common Says:

    He’s baaaaack
    Mike Barnicle, who apparently has more lives than a cat, is returning to the Boston print media. Can’t somebody drive a stake through his heart…