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I’ve been finding more of interest to vote for in the ASC Awards than I was expecting. I have only a handful of TNG stories left to read, and then I’ll be on break until VOY. Today I commented on Ventura33’s Letting Down the Race (the html is a little messed up, but the whole story is there), which reminded me of Greg Egan’s Distress and led me to the Aspergia site.

When you come down to it, Aspergia is about more than treating the abnormal as a legitimate alternative. It’s not a political battle over a minor abberation like sexual preference. It’s a whole aliens-in-our-midst thing - it’s the Neanderthals against the Cro-Magnons. And they’re multiplying like something out of science fiction. They’re smarter than us (they have Einstein and Edison, we have Bush and Bennifer), yet less warlike. What happens when they decide they’ve had enough of our foolishness? To see if you’ll be part of the new ruling class, take the AQ test.

Yes, I’m being facetious. The more likely outcome is that sometime soon we’ll start fixing all these little genetic abnormalities. There will be no more Einsteins, Edisons, or Queer Eyes for Straight Guys.

2 Responses to “Aspergia”

  1. Ventura33 Says:

    Hi Jemima. I’m concerned about the research into prenatal testing for autism, too. I think it would be a tremendous crime against humanity if autistic babies were routinely aborted as is done with Down’s syndrome. Unlike Down’s, which is a random mutation, autism is hereditary, so it wouldn’t take many years of routine abortion to destroy the entire autistic population forever.

    To raise awareness, I have added a neurodiversity page to my website, with a writing challenge on the topic of how people with neurological differences are treated in the Star Trek universe. I hope you’ll participate!

    The URL is

    By the way, the messed-up html that you mentioned was only there for about 3 minutes before I noticed that I had messed it up and fixed it. Just goes to show that mistakes in cyberspace are never forgotten…


  2. tonysandy Says:

    I’m hoping to set up a new website in the new year. It won’t be aimed directly at Aspies but that may be the only audience apart from UFO freaks and others not trapped in this paradigm. It will consist of a theory about how the universe works plus an organising principle based on this (t-shirt designs). I may also include my system for teaching English, which is too logical for anyone but Aspies (No publisher interest so will be creating E-books on the subject, once I learn how to create one!). The main body will be explanations for the bizarre behaviour we see all around us, which like the language books will be open and honest - which is more than can be said for the general population, which is so into trickery and deception that it’s not surprising logic and common sense mean nothing to them (so shut off from reality like the majority in the Matrix, that we shock them with our openess and honesty, and that is why they fear us and want to drug us into conformity (’Dislike of the unlike’ The Daleks by Terry Nation); You’re not supposed to tell the Emperor he’s naked, even if he is! I may not be a spammer but I am a ham(mer)!