Lake Sock

Keyboard of the day: the TouchStream LP (thanks to KC for the link)

I was having a lazy day, making vague plans to blog about fear and loathing at Making Light, when I decided to check the Writers of the Future deadline. According to the materials that came with my latest rejection, the deadline is today, not tomorrow. I think I have a set of rules around here somewhere that says tomorrow instead, but better safe than sorry and all that.

So at three in the afternoon I printed out a story. At least, thought I, the Clarion deadline isn’t until tomorrow. I pulled out the application just to check. Big oops - April 1st is the deadline for receipt of the application. I hate non-postmark deadlines.

So I had to fill out the application, print out two more manuscripts, get everything down to the post office by 6pm, and send the Clarion app express. Since it was raining, I wrapped everything in a plastic bag for the journey. I wore a slicker, having forgotten that the primary function of a slicker is to channel the rain from the clothing covered by the slicker to the clothing not covered by the slicker.

And that was how I discovered Lake Sock, which I named after the laundromat on the corner that Lake Sock is threatening to flood. Here in the third world we have no drainage, so the lake had spread to cover an entire corner of two major streets. Tidal activity almost got me, but I found a route overland.

So now I hear we’re cutting off rail access to half the state and closing a major highway for the Democratic National Convention. KC informs me that we’re also suspending the blue laws (including the newest one against smoking in bars and restaurants) for the duration. When our dark-robed masters come to town, they want to smoke in the bars until 4am, and damn the laws of the City of Boston! Don’t you wish you were above the law?

New Hampshire is looking better and better.

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