Green Tabs

In a burst of energy better spent elsewhere, I tweaked the blog style to match my site a bit better. I’m still not fully satisfied with it, but it’s close enough for the time being. And it was unexpectedly easy - unlike MT, WordPress has just the one template file, in simple HTML with some PHP floating around it. MT, on the other hand, had a zillion templates, each of which I had to wrestle to get it to match the main site style.

I did have some problems, but they were mainly a result of being too geeky for my own good. For example, my tab navigation is generated with PHP - my PHP was fighting with WordPress’s PHP over the variable $siteurl. I renamed my variables, but what I should have done was put a static copy of the navigation into the template. But there were so many things in there already that were dynamic and could easily have been static that my little nav tabs seemed like a drop in the bucket. I did hard-code the title of the blog, which hasn’t changed in years and really doesn’t need to be fetched from the database every time.

I’d offer my revised CSS for public consumption but since I both changed the WP template and integrated the CSS into my larger site style (jp_tab.css - body class “wpblog”), it wouldn’t be much use to the beginning WP user.

2 Responses to “Green Tabs”

  1. Lori Says:

    I used to have regular rounds from blog to blog. Now I dead end here. *sob* Oh the links, the liiinks…. I so miss the links…

  2. Jemima Says:

    WordPress has a neat Links interface that I haven’t played around with much yet, though I did link my most recent fic. Eventually more links will return, though I haven’t used any of them since I started using an RSS reader.