Android Still Paranoid

Birthday of the day: Jerie - keep on shippin’!

According to the maker of Paranoid Android, the latest security update from Apple (2004-05-24) fixes Help but hasn’t fixed everything. Nevertheless, I was unable to get his sample malware to hack my mac. See his whitepaper on the hole for the examples.

Now that help: is fixed, I think I’ll disable afp:, ftp:, gopher:, disk:, and disks: with RCDefaultApp until I hear more definite info on the subject of protocol registration. I usually ftp from the command line and never use the other protocols. [Update:] I was wondering about telnet: and DaringFireball confirms that it’s a problem, but ssh: isn’t.

I’m sorry this mac problem has distracted me once again from my next Boston in the Third World post. I have to post my growing collection of links tomorrow, because… well, I’ll explain then.

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