The Days of the Donkey

It’s like a horror movie descending on the city: The Democrats Are Coming! I’m happily out of town at the moment, but my lovely sister Veronica will be fetching me from the woods just in time for the DNC. I’m not as worried as I thought I’d be about the city getting blown up by terrorists, because the cure is sounding worse than the disease: shutting down the highway, half the commuter rail network, and part of a subway line, needing ID to take the T and not being allowed to carry a backpack downtown, and worst of all, smiling T employees. Now that’s horror.

3 Responses to “The Days of the Donkey”

  1. mike hollihan Says:

    Jemima, can’t you see that it’s good for your city? Think of all the money it’s bringing in! Think of the intagible benefits! Think of the luster having a national political convention brings! (Look what the Libertarians did for Atlanta this summer!) It means Boston is a “world class city,” as our civic leaders like to say of Memphis. Get with the program, OK?

  2. Jemima Says:

    We’re not a world-class city, we’re a third-world city. We’re running the DNC at a loss. I want the potholes filled and the drainage working, not the Democrats shutting down the town.

  3. Albertus Says:

    I once was invited to a “Donkey Roast”. Alas, there was no nourishment of any kind, only a bunch of people acting like donkeys honoring one of their own.