IRC Clients

It’s been a long time since I’ve used IRC; I think it’s time to download a new client. I used to use ShadowIRC, but it’s time to move on. Ircle and Snak are still the big shareware names, but I was looking for something that won’t give me guilt when I neglect the shareware fee.

On the free front, I found Colloquy and Fire. The latter also does AIM, MSN, and Yahoo chats, plus ICQ, but I’m trying out Colloquy first because it looked the prettiest.

[Time passes…]

I’d forgotten just how annoying IRC could be. After a long struggle, I got onto DALnet, but there was no one in the chat room. SearchIRC is a good place to find channels, and New IRC Users has a handy command list, marred only by the annoying floating menu. News flash: DHTML is no longer cool.

Thanks to Liz for this link to, with (happily) no news since May.

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