NetInfo Not Informative

Control key utility of the day: Capslock to Control.

Long ago, I set up Apache on my mac to handle a subdomain of for testing the site. I followed some of these instructions at Evolt—mainly the netinfo stuff. Yesterday, I added a new virtual host, but the netinfo instructions didn’t work this time. Apparently the lookup order has changed (for no good reason) in Panther; MacWrite explains the new hosts-file regime.

The article mentions several ways to handle the change. Since I’d already added my info to NetInfo, I decided to change the lookupd order so that NetInfo (NI) would come earlier. That involves making an /etc/lookupd directory and inserting a hosts file into it that says:

LookupOrder Cache NI FF DNS DS

That may mess other things up—who am I to question Apple’s new lookup order, anyway?—but at the moment it’s working.

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