Mac Follies

Crazy rumor of the day: Arlo Rose Working On Doomsday Widget

Here’s a link dump of the nifty and the novel in Mac software:

  • ~stevenf describes CocoaBooklet, an app for printing booklets.
  • Mac the Ripper, an all-in-one DVD ripping utility, is up to version 2.0.1.
  • SafariSpeed will do that speeding-up-Safari hack for you.
  • Bookpedia will catalog your books. (Well, you’ll catalog your books, unless you happen to have a bar code scanner handy.)
  • Have you been waiting for the reincarnation of HyperCard? It’s no longer necessary to drink that poison Kool-Aid - HyperNext is here!
  • iGetter is download manager for the Mac, for those of you who don’t use wget.
  • Mike Matas has cool icons that come with a copy of his CatScan.

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