Scary System Crash

As the Apple Turns discusses the recent loss of “talkie with the big flying things” in LA:

According to Techworld (which in turn cites an LA Times story from a week ago), the Windows-based radio system for an air traffic control center in Southern California took a three-hour coffee break recently, leaving “800 planes in the air without contact to air traffic control.” But hey, how dangerous could that possibly be?

I heard about the failure, but not that it was Windows’ fault. I should have known. As the Apple Turns looks toward the Windows future:

…while we’d never wish a midair plane crash on anyone, part of us can’t help but suspect that if anything can get the Windoid lemmings to consider that “hey, maybe this operating system kindasorta sucks rocks out loud,” it would be a fiery hail of twisted, screaming metal and black and red body parts pummelling the tarmac at LAX. Will a near-miss or two be enough of a wake-up call? We sure hope so.

If that doesn’t do it, maybe the radioactive glass crater will do the job. Somehow I suspect even that won’t work unless by chance a Windows-guided missile takes out Redmond.

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