Lord of the Rings Exhibition

Dr. Deb and I finally made it to the LotR Exhibition at the Museum of Science yesterday. The tickets were free so it was well worth the money. If you’re the sort of person who likes DVD extras about how the movie was made, this exhibit is for you. If, on the other hand, you’re a book fan, you may be disappointed in how little the staff seems to know about it.

You needn’t worry for your wallet, though. The level of merchandising is shockingly low for an exhibit of this size. They were selling the books, books on tape, games, and posters of Orlando Bloom. I don’t know whether the culprit was licensing restrictions on the LotR end, or Museum of Science policy (the main gift shop is pretty bare, too); if you’ve been to the exhibition in another country maybe you can tell me.

Boston was the only stop here in the US this time around. I think they said it’s going to London after October 24th, so see it now or forever hold your peace.

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