Rodney McKay

I did a Stargate meme in the LiveJournal, but I left out Sam/McKay as one of my favorite pairings. He’s definitely a love-to-hate kind of character, and I’m looking forward to seeing him on Atlantis—as soon as I figure out what order to watch SG-1 S8 and SGA S1 in.

Warning: S8 spoilers ahead.

So far I’ve seen New Order. I thought Sam was too harsh with Fifth—one minute she’s all weepy and regretful, and a commercial break later she’s telling him she’ll never love him and never be happy in replicator fantasy land. She could have at least admitted that it was possible, or that she was tempted. Fifth is a nicer guy than McKay, and she admitted she was attracted to him. And Fifth is much cuter than Pete.

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