Nameless Meme

This is a LJ meme (by way of Rocky), but I’m putting it here in the blog since it’s about writing in general.

1) The basics — edit as you go, or get it out and fix it later? How come?

Get it out and fix it later, mainly because later never comes. I think my prose is wretched while I’m writing it, but after I give it a rest it doesn’t look so bad.

2) Death to adverbs? Use in moderation? Sprinkle liberally? At the author’s discretion?

Death to adverbs. Every single adverb dies, except for those that are only called adverbs because they don’t fit into any other part of speech, either (e.g., either, only, not, etc.). It’s never the right time to use an adverb.

3) Do you start with a whole story, usually, or a spark of inspiration that turns into something else? If it’s a whole story, does it change as you go, or stay solid?

A spark that turns into something else. If I do try to outline ahead of time, like I did for NaNoWriMo, the story still changes significantly as I go.

4) Do you believe in One True Characterization in fanfic, or do you think there’s a spectrum? How broad is the spectrum?

I believe in the One True Characterization, but I sin against it frequently.

5) You’re wandering away from fanfic into the hallowed-yet-terrifying world of profic. What do you miss the most? The least?

I won’t say I miss the feedback, since so few people send feedback anyway. I miss the depth of a shared world, the subtle in-jokes, and the fun of playing off canon. Even in tie-in pay-per-fic you can’t really do that the way you can in fanfic.

What I miss least is the crazy people. Real Editors don’t have a lot of tolerance for lunacy or viciousness. It’s nice to see consistent grammar, spelling, and plotting as well, but they’re nothing compared to the pleasant company of the sane. I admit real writers can be preachy and condescending sometimes, but they mean well. They’re just trying to Help the Wee Newbies; they’re not stalking or defaming their fannish enemies like some people I’ve met in fandom.

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