Missing Blog, Missing Categories

Quote of the day: a /. commenter says The BSD license is free as in “Working for Apple for free”

The management apologizes for the recent blog outage. I’m not sure exactly what happened or how it got fixed, but it wasn’t the spammers. I suspect it was a problem with the host’s upgrade to PHP 4.3.10. As an added bonus, the 406 error also seems to be better now.

On the other hand, the Tech categories missing from the category list in the sidebar were entirely my (and WordPress’s) fault. I had no posts in the parent Tech category, so WordPress and company were bumped off the list. I added an arbitrary post to the Tech category and now all is well in WP 1.2-land.

We await WP 1.3 eagerly, or maybe they’ve upped the next release to 1.5.

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