Lego link of the day: Han Solo in Carbonite (thanks to GeekPress)

I followed an ad from Daring Fireball to Rogue Amoeba, because the ad highlighted itself when I moused over it and I liked the effect enough to read it. Of the Roguish products, the one I found most interesting was Audio Hijack. I think I may have some freeware on my mac that does the same thing (audio recording of, say, iTunes radio broadcasts), but AH looks like a nice, cheap alternative.

Another interesting Rogue of the Day is Bansky, who put up his own art in four New York museums. I especially like his motto: “just because we don’t care, doesn’t mean we don’t understand.” Thanks once again to GeekPress for the link.

2 Responses to “Rogues”

  1. mike hollihan Says:

    I found out just last night that the actual movie prop of Han in carbonite (not a copy, the real one) is sitting in the employee lobby of a business in South Memphis. A comics distributor or something. It’s not on public displyay, but I’m sure if you know someone there you can go see it.

  2. cpuoweaaz Says: