Banned Brits

I was shopping at a local bookstore (which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) today. Among my haul of [genre deleted] books that I really don’t need more of I got one that that was marked “not for sale in the USA.” It wasn’t anything new or special, just a trade paperback edition of an old [genre deleted] classic.

It’s beyond me why it’s banned in the US. I should have checked my British Stargate novels for a similar proscription; now they’re out there in the midwest somewhere, circulating illegally! And here I thought my crimes were limited to educational video…

2 Responses to “Banned Brits”

  1. Jerie Says:

    You really should be arrested! *g*

  2. julio Says:

    Lots of English stuff is banned in the USA, f’rinstance many Enid Blyton books are banned by various libraries. Who is Enid Blyton? Exactly my point, Enid Blyton was the most successful British author of the twentieth century.