Character Assassination Day

Kuroshin posted an insane libelous idiotic baseless grassy-knoll character assassination of Orson Scott Card, which I’m linking only because all the commenters agreed that it was insane, libelous, idiotic, paranoid, and baseless, and debunked the article so much better than I could have that they restored my faith in the Internet. (No that doesn’t mean I’ll be on-line more.)

Politics isn’t a religion to me, so I can enjoy OSC, George R. R. Martin, Ayn Rand, and Ursula LeGuin equally, even though the universe would probably be annihilated if they were gathered together in one room.


OSC is also a nice guy who provides lots of resources for writers and fun movie reviews.

One Response to “Character Assassination Day”

  1. Zeke Says:

    I love that annihilating-the-universe image. Many of my favourite writers, columnists, bands, or what have you would do exactly that.

    - Z