Psychotic iPod Recovers Nicely

I suppose I need an iPod category. My iPod had a psychotic break last week, in which the 5 dots permanently replaced my track times and volume. I thought the dots were the chapters of audiobooks because I use my iPod to listen to audiobooks a lot and I’d only happened to see them during the audiobooks when I was clicking the middle wheel to get to the bookmarky thing–so I thought everything on my iPod had turned into an audiobook. (Note that I still haven’t read the manual to figure out what the bookmarky thing is called.)

In my defense, I’d like to say I had just done a bunch of stuff like updating iTunes and synching some wacky stuff through iCal onto my iPod, so I thought I’d caused the psychotic break somewhere in there. Plus, none of the buttons work right when you’re in 5-dot mode, except for the volume. They turn into jumpy, audiobookmarky things. Try it, you’ll see.

Veronica told me the five dots were the ratings system, which was reassuring, but I still couldn’t turn them off because I thought you had to hold down the middle button, which didn’t do squat. But I was reassured that I wasn’t the only totally clueless iPod user out there:
this guy had the same problem.

Maybe it’s time to read the manual.

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