The CharileDisc

On LiveJournal, derspatchel lampoons the T with news of a new CharlieDisc fare collection system. I thought it was a return to the tokens of yore until this bit:

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo demonstrated the collection procedure with one of the new CharlieDisc gates, designed by the German firm Messingzeichen GmbH. “First you pop the latch on the Disc Collection box, open the lid, place your CharlieDisc in the circular depression here, then close the lid and pull the Disc Validator lever. Once you hear eleven bells, you can then open the fare gate by turning the crank on the other side of the unit.” Pesaturo added that purchasing the CharlieDiscs is an equally simple process.

Thanks to Universal Hub for the link. They also picked up on my CharlieTax entry and they have an entire category devoted to the T.

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