I was going to blog about a couple of squishings on the commuter rail caused by the sheet of ice that has covered the city for the past two weeks: a squished car reported in the Metro and a squished foot reported in the Concord Journal. But one hopes that this Little Ice Age will eventually end, the ice will recede, and with it the ice-related squishings.

Commuter-rail squishings are, unfortunately, nothing special here in the City That Sleeps. But here’s a T story that made it out of the little papers all the way to the Boston Globe: the special brand of customer service provided by the MBTA was amply demonstrated by an accidental kidnapping of a 7-year-old by a Green Line conductor. I can just picture the frantic mother pounding on the door of the trolley in vain.

Now if only they’d kidnap Little Doggie

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