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The Discontinuous Generation is dedicated to the worst Trek series to date: Enterprise. While Jemima had no intention of writing Enterprise fan fiction, she felt the series needed some acknowledgement, if only as the evilest of the Evil Twins' projects.

Fic and Filk

Famous last words... I did write an ENT drabble, as part of the Empty Shell series:

The Full Shell (drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03
ASC Awards 2003 second place for ENT General Drabbles

Enterprise Reviews

Liz Barr is bravely reviewing The Show of the Stolen Name at The Decontamination Chamber. Zeke of Five Minute Voyager fame is doing fivers.


Reed: I don't like the looks of this transporter thing. What if it malfunctions? It could fuse people or super-age them or split them in two....
Mayweather: Well, you have to compare that to the other modes of travel, such as hurling yourself naked through the vacuum. Or flying in a shuttle with Chakotay.
Reed: Ouch! Point taken.
Chakotay: I can't believe this. It's not even my show anymore, and I still can't escape the ridicule....
Mayweather: It's your destiny, Pinocchio. Just accept it.
Five Minute "Broken Bow" by Zeke

Enterprise Starlog: Record. Pause. Record. Pause. Record. Pause.
Computer: Will you cut that out?
Five Minute "Fight or Flight" by Zeke

Cutler: That there is a darn fine planet. It looks like the ones from 'Shore Leave,' 'This Side of Paradise,' 'Resolutions,' and 'The Galileo Seven' all rolled into one.
Novakovich: Did you say "planet" or "plot"?
Cutler: Doesn't matter.
Five Minute "Strange New World" by Zeke

Archer: How've you been, Reed?
Reed: Great. I've founded the Terra Nova chapter of the NRA.
Akary: Awwww, you're leaving? What will we ever do without you?
Reed: You'll be fine. Just remember our motto.
Akary: "Guns don't kill Novans -- humans kill Novans!"
Reed: Good man.
Five Minute "Terra Nova" by Zeke

The Borg and Beyond

Jemima's Trek also features the Borg species list, a links page, plenty of Voyager fan fiction, arbitrary awards and the dark doings of Section 31.

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