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This section of Jemima's Chevron includes all the Trek that's unfit to print, along with some general information.


Items are listed in order of composition; new ones are marked "new".

The Empty Shell Series, written in response to Rob Morris' challenge on ASC to find a use for the empty shell left over after the TOS episode "The Doomsday Machine."
The Full Shell (ENT, drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03 (ASC Awards 2003 second place for ENT General Drabbles)
Grand Opening (TOS, drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03
Sk8er Droid (TNG, drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03
Fly-by (DS9, drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03
The Junkman Cometh (VOY, drabble, challenge, 4k) 5/03


Killing Me Softly is another sad song, sung by one fanfic writer to another. The accusation of theft should not be taken literally. The title of the original is the same as that of the filk. (6/01)

The Simple Joys of Captaincy, a filk of "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood" from Camelot. (4/02)

Killing Me Softly was altered slightly for posting to ASC. (1/04)

Yesterday, When I Was New is yet another filk of "Yesterday, When I was Young." (1/04)

See the VOY filk index and the TOS page for more Trek filk.


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Miscellaneous Information

The list of one-syllable words is good for filking. See also the printable version.

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Most of Jemima's fic is about Voyager and Buffy.

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