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This recent addition to Jemima's Trek is devoted to Khan Noonien Singh, her favorite Star Trek: The Original Series character. The muse may eventually write more mainstream TOS fanfiction, but Jemima doesn't recommend holding your breath for the Spock/Chapel fic.

Some Khan links and other reference materials follow her fic, below.

Fic and Filk

Most of Jemima's TOS fic and filk concerns Khan. Items are listed in order of composition; new ones are marked "new".

Fic and Filk

There's only one Khanfic so far, but more are in progress.

Grand Opening (drabble, Empty Shell challenge, 4k) 5/03 The Doomsday Machine

Speak of me as I am (Khan/Marla, 20k) 12/03 Space Seed


What Man is This? (filk, Khan, 3k) 4/03 Space Seed

Raj of Rage (filk, Khan, 4k) 4/03 Space Seed

I Will Revive (filk, Khan, 4k) 5/03 Space Seed
ASC Awards 2003 first place for TOS Filk/Poem


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All About Khan

Space Seed

The 1967 episode that started it all - see Khan at his youngest and finest.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

TWoK was the best Trek movie ever, even if you count GalaxyQuest.

The Eugenics Wars

The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox are two non-canonical Pocket Books volumes which attempt to integrate the pseudo-history of TOS with the real late 20th century.


Here's a very small selection of TOS writers, with emphasis on Khan:

The Fall 2003 Khanfest is going on now. Non-smut and non-slash fic seems to be allowed, if not yet well-represented.

Other TOS Resources

Try Trekiverse for more TOS fic - you might want to start with the ASC Award winners: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

For writing inspiration, try these TOS Transcripts.

Crossing Over

Before she met Khan, Jemima used to write fanfiction about inferior characters. You can find her Voyager and Buffy here at Jemima's Trek, along with the Borg species list, a Trek links page, arbitrary awards and the dark doings of Section 31.

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