Opera Bathos, Lego Pathos

I have a new copy of Opera for the Mac - yet another beta, released at the last minute when the previous beta had already expired in Australia. It’s not a big improvement so far. I think Beta 4 is a bit much - there’s an alphabet metaphor behind that beta thing, people…alpha, beta, gamma, how about a final product already? They’ve incorporated ads already, so I think they’ve pulled ahead of iCab in the race to build a better browser.

I’ve been out surfing the blogs again, and I ran across The Brick Testament, Bible stories told in Lego?. The pathos of The Flood was truly moving, though the dialogue dragged a bit. I loved the little touches, like the sheep in the first scene, the woman holding her baby up over the water, and the blanched corpses after the waters receeded. Take a look…

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