Evil Mirrors

You may be wondering how it took me an entire weekend to see one Harry Potter movie. Well, it involved a turkey dinner, leaving for the theater two hours early to get the good seats, reading the book the next day to see what they’d left out (not much), plenty of sleeping in in the mornings, and a side trip to Sears for tension rods to hold up my new curtains.

Today, however, I have managed to do something more productive. I sent out my first story to a magazine - I’m expecting my first rejection letter in two to eight weeks. I also managed to put up Jade’s new story, England Swings, as well as a sitemap for my not-so-fast-growing web site. Right now I’m negotiating with the mirrors about uploading the files. They’re not in the mood. Maybe I’ll just pay for the good service on freeshell rather than go on fighting my evil mirror sites.

Envy.nu seems to be blocking all files with hyphens in their names, and Crosswinds cut off my email a while back. (That was actually a blessing, because it was all spam, all the time.) The days of the free web are so, so over. Even freeshell wants that buck to fully activate the zendom backup site. I think I’ll mail smj the check tomorrow…

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