Do the Snakey-Snakey

Dr. Deb is weakening on the Buffy front - I got to see the episode tonight instead of on tape-delay. I’ve just wasted the rest of the evening putting up an existent Buffy page, as well as doing a lot of web site tidying that you won’t even notice so why do I bother? For example, the filk is in html and technicolor now, but the latest scenes of my upcoming fic (working title: The Silent Movie of the Soul) are still stranded in my notebook.

And The Snake that Ate Sunnydale High isn’t even bouncing like he should. I hope that’s just Opera being fussy as usual. I’ll put it here to see if it will do the snakey-snakey when it’s not in the background:

Good snake! And yes, I know the snake didn’t really eat the high school - Giles blew it up. I miss Giles already.

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