No News is Bad News

I’ve been using a shareware newsreader for Mac OS X called Thoth. It was nice enough, but it wasn’t MTNewswatcher, the lovely program I used to use with OS 8.6. Today, Thoth decided to stop sharing, because I hadn’t coughed up the $25 despite our month-long relationship. Yes, the hieroglyphic Thoth icon is cute, but it’s not $25 worth of cute. Nevertheless, alt.startrek.creative is in the throes of the ASC Awards - I needed a newsreader, and I needed it now.

Fortunately, whilst I was suffering the annoyware annoyances of Thoth, MTNewswatcher had gotten ported to OS X. Like Newswatcher, the program all Mac newsreaders seem to be based upon, MTNewswatcher is freeware. Freeware is the best ware. Free fic is the best fic. (See, that was all relevant…)

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