Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I entered the Awesome Author Awards again this year. Jade has also entered, and the stories are now up for reading and voting. Of course there’s no hope for us little people, since EJ and Monkee are in the mix. Nevertheless, if you can spare some time from the much larger ASC Awards, there’s an endless supply of nearly fresh J/C fic waiting for you:


Just to prove I’m not bitter, I wrote a filk about AAA: Vote for the Roses. AAA actually gets me all sappy and maudlin about Voyager, though I’m not sure why. In fact, one of my AAA entries, A Light Beyond, was written, not out of the sappy J/C sentiment on its surface, but the sappy end-of-VOY sentiment underneath.

But the ending always comes at last
Endings always come too fast
They come too fast, but they pass too slow…

Seven seasons of the voyage was not enough; one season of writing fic could never be enough…

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