Friday Five on a Monday Afternoon

Late-night addendum added to question 4.

1. A pairing that you enjoy reading but will never write, and why.

Chakotay/Torres, because it seems so right yet I don’t know enough
about the first three seasons of Voyager to write in that time period. That
seems like their time, to me.

2. The pairing that you think has spurred the most really awful fan

I’m going to have to go with the majority here - Janeway/Chakotay
has the worst, and the
best, fan fiction out there, but only because it has the lion’s share of the Voyager
pairing market. Statistically speaking, it should get all the outliers.

3. A pairing that you just don’t get.

Doc/7. People keep telling me it’s a pairing, with fans, but all I’ve ever
seen of it is a few one-off fics. [See comments.]

4. A pairing that you think is difficult to write believably,
and an example of it done well.

Picard/Troi of C&C
fame goes without saying, but for Voyager I’d have to say Janeway/Paris is a
tough one
to write believably, and nothing really comes to mind that was believable. I’ll
have to root around for one when I get home.

[Monday night addendum] I looked through my notes for a couple
of J/P contest-type situations, and yes, no J/P fic has ever really blown me away.
Thanks for the recommendations (see comments), but I
still haven’t found that J/P fic in the sky. I don’t know that angst done well is
necessarily J/P done well - it seems to me that the main J/P challenge is
keeping them together, not setting them up for a life-scarring fling (as is so often
done to the poor ‘fleet brats). So I will continue to search for the perfect J/P.

This year’s J/P contest
TomKat Awards
) is open for submissions until December 15th, and is a blind
contest. I entered two losing stories in last year’s not-so-anonymous contest,
neither of which was the perfect J/P fic. I think I’ll enter again. I could even
work in some C/7 and Die J/C Die themes, though I think I did that last year. I
suppose I could write that mass-pregnancy fic that I never got around to back
when I was ’shippy…

5. A pairing that you have written or have thought about writing,
despite your own surprise that you would consider it.

That would have to be Garak/7. It never would have happened without
Seema’s nefarious incitement.

3 Responses to “Friday Five on a Monday Afternoon”

  1. Liz Says:

    I’d recommend Kelly Chambliss for Janeway/Paris. Also Boadicea and August, but mostly Kelly.

  2. Jerie Says:

    Jim Wright’s Review of Equinox 2 says:

    “Seven of Nine and the Doctor–wow. What can I say? Ryan and Picardo make a great on-screen team, whether he’s dissecting her without any ethical subroutines, or challenging her to a singing contest as an excuse to date. The two generate some terrific chemistry, and I’m grateful that the producers have chosen to continue the development of these two as a “team” (not to say “couple”). I like this new wrinkle in their relationship, to go along with teacher/student, software/hardware, outsider/outsider, genius/genius. They simply work well together, and their scenes–the chilling songs, the friendly banter at the end–were one of the show’s great strengths.”

    Sounds like he’s a D/7 fan.

    And for J/P, I like the Emu and Ghostwriter’s Awakenings

    I agree with you about C/T, J/C, and Picard/Troi

    And your Garak/7…a classic.

  3. Jemima Says:

    I liked the Doctor and Seven on-screen as much as the next person. What I don’t understand is the pairing. There’s no fic, no mailing lists, no rabid D/7 fans, nothing. You would think with all that canon background, there would be a fandom behind D/7.