AAA Again

Seema informed me that it’s time for the Awesome Author Award yet again. I’ve entered in the past two years, and I’ll be carrying on the tradition this year as well. My goal last year was not to repeat any entries. I wasn’t sure I could do that again, seeing as I haven’t written any J/C to speak of lately, but when I checked carefully I still had more stories than categories. Here are my lists, including this year:


  • Action/Adventure: Colony
  • AU: The Unity of the Multiverse
  • Drabble: The Worst Day
  • Episode Addition: Holodeck Safety Protocols
  • Friendship: Sans Ailes
  • Haiku: Romance
  • Humor: One Line, Two Dimples
  • Romance/Sap: Marriage is Irrelevant
  • Sad: Assimilation
  • Wildcard: The Bottle of Bajoran Blue Wine: A PADD Story


  • Action/Adventure: The Museum
  • Drabble/Poetry: Jade’s Drabble
  • Friendship/Hurt/Comfort: A Light Beyond
  • Humor/Light: Lethe
  • Romance/Sap: The Dance
  • Sad/Tragedy/Angst: Thrive
  • Wild Card: Lurking


  • Action/Adventure: Hiatus
  • Drabble/Poetry: Vote for the Roses
  • Friendship/Hurt/Comfort: What’s Left of Her
  • Humor/Light: Beta Energy
  • Romance/Sap: The Author
  • Sad/Tragedy/Angst: Honey-Dew
  • Wild Card: Janeway: The Musical! (Filk of La Mancha)

The only J/C stories I still haven’t entered are Taboo, Like This, Video Meliora Proboque, and A Maquis Holiday. That’s a good start for 2004, I suppose. Two repeats were allowed this year under the contest rules, but I’m not repeating. If I didn’t win last year (I didn’t), I’m never going to win, so no tactical considerations apply. I’d rather put out newer fic that people are less likely to have read and have a few people see it and think (to misquote Monty Python) she’s not dead yet.

Awesome Author Award

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