Blast from the Past

Word count: 597

I took at look at the SJD’s lists by date for 1998. I Want To Believe by Vanessa Nichols had Jack trying to negotiate with the Goa’uld in Sam [note to self: figure out what episode that was] and was a bit too angsto-introspective for my tastes, but not technically bad. Dream by Vanessa Nichols had enough dying-together-on-a-snow-planet action (apparently taken from an episode called “Solitudes”) to balance the angsto-introspection. Punched by Vanessa Nichols again was a good example of the spiked-punch and mistletoe themes that pervade winter shipfiction. I skimmed some other stories with similar plots but this was the best one I found. Is getting Teal’c drunk some sort of SG-1 winter sport? I think I need to walk away from the 1998 archives and find some action-adventure.

In the Famous Last Words category, I’ve already written my first Stargate fic. I’ll link it as soon as the SG-1 section of the site is set up.

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  1. Jerie Says:

    In response to most of the above points - Watch for Snail Mail.

    That is all.