Fic of All Kinds

Word count: let’s not and say we did

Today was a big day for Jemima’s Trek updates. On the Trek front, the recent filk, Goodbye to VOY, is up in the VOY section, along with a new C/7 vignette You Think that the muse popped out of retirement to write for Die J/C Die II. A few links have also been fixed in the Trek sections.

More exciting by far is my first Stargate fic, a drabble based on the fifth season episode “48 Hours” called To Russia with Love. I also made a new Stargate SG-1 page with plenty of handy links. That also meant adding a new tab. While I was at it, I put title attributes on the tab links, so if you hover over a tab, you get a link description, at least on the pages I’ve updated.

The cool layout is based on the CSS tricks at css/edge. You won’t see the full niftiness unless you use a standards-compliant browser like Mozilla or Netscape 7. In the ideal browser, the pattern (the Earth glyph from a standard Stargate font) matches exactly between the edges, the middle and the tabs, even when you hover over a tab. All the pattern colors should be fixed like a watermark, so the text scrolls over the pattern. I hear the pattern scrolls with the text in IE, which is a pretty minor offense as Microsoft goes.

The CSS for the home page has been altered to better match the main FicML site design. I also did some work on ficml (which inspired me to make the change), but most of that was behind the scenes. FicML progress is recorded in the other blog.

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