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Moving into the present, I read Vigil by Nanda, but didn’t know the context so the effect was somewhat lost on me. A little bird also told me to read Things We Say (Prologue) by Gunfodder. The formatting was too wide to read comfortably, but I persevered. That was some highly coordinated UST, I must say. The writing was good, but the simultaneous thoughts, angst and tears were harder to swallow. Perhaps I should ease into the shipfic more gradually. I’m not ready for simultaneous angst.

So I tried some action - Sleepers by…well, I’m not sure. The site has this funky two-lights scheme, but no name on most of the pages. [Note to others: Put a “by so-and-so” under your title so the clueless newbies know it was you.] After extensive research, I did find a name on the graphics page - Alli Snow. No wonder I saved this fic. Unfortunately, the fic was exported to HTML from Word, so the file size was more than doubled by moronic and gratuitously incompatible HTML generated by Microsoft applications. I wanted to change the font to something more readable than grey Courier on white, and that meant nuking every egregious font and span tag. The things I do for fic…

The work was worth it. The plot of “Sleepers” was an excellent combination of weird planet (a ghost planet), SGC politics (damn Ruskies!), and episode coda (post traumatic possession-torture-death syndrome). [Note to self: figure out what episode that was. Sounds messy.] The plot twist was extraordinarly effective - one of those so that’s what’s been going on moments. I did think the story started off slowly, with a lot of post-trauma introspection surrounding Jack and related canon-dropping (citation of canon events about which your ickle newbie knows nothing), compared to once the action got going. The conclusion was also drawn out past the resolution of the main plot, yet the new question raised at the very end wasn’t answered. Is there a sequel? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Jerie Says:

    “Sleepers” is referring to “Frozen” and “Abyss,” Season 6, Eps 5 and 6. And I believe there is a “Sleepers II” in the works.